Thin Place


Artist First NFT Minted!

Images of Indra’s Net, the net of jewels, radiating in each tree towering over the Pacific’s setting sun. A thin place between this realm and the next.



1920 x 768 pixels | 2021 | MP4



Studio Everywhen is a digital art collective creating eco-conscious meditations, formed by Brad Necyk and Jonathan Kawchuk. Their work responds to our contemporary moment by telling stories that realign us to our origin: the Earth that warms and shelters, the Earth between our toes and in our breath, the Earth that connects us, sustains us, and makes us feel whole. Their artworks combine 3D-modelling, LIDAR scans, live film, field recordings, and music to create large-scale experiences of nature and our place in it.

Brad is a Canadian artist and writer, holds a Ph.D. in Psychiatry, is a Research Associate at the Earth Futures Institute and in Film & Digital Media at the University of California Santa Cruz, and a Postdoctoral Fellow in Film and Media Arts at York University.

Jonathan is a Canadian phonographer, sound artist, and composer. He was part of the Slaight Family Music Residency, the Canadian Film Centre, the Banff Centre for the Arts Musician-in-Residence Program, the Berlinale Talent Lab, and is a voting member of the Grammy Awards.

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