Fuzzy memories of the south of the city


Artist First NFT Minted!

The denial of death is seen through the fragmented memories of a soul in pain.


This landscape is part of the transmedia project ” False Alarm”, based on real events, which uses technological error as an aesthetic posture and photogrammetry as an emotional document. A transmedia ode to Mexico City; a portrait of a Mexican family with conflicts in their beliefs and customs. A vision from metaphysical planes with synergies between Christian and Nahua beliefs, where the soul lives for a time separated from the body after death. Joel, a mechanic from Mexico City, lived fixing other people’s machines, but never his own.


3000×3000 px | 2021 | MP4



He holds a diploma in Traditional Animation from the Vancouver Film School (VFS), Canada, and several diplomas in Advanced, Experimental and Documentary Photography from the Academy of Visual Arts (AAVI) in Mexico City. He was a founding member of the animation collective Viumasters and completed an animation residency at the National Film Board of Canada. His work has been shown in more than 20 exhibits and festivals around the world such as ARTE Video Night festival in Paris, France; Animasivo Contemporary Animation Forum, Latin Film Encounter in Toulouse, France; Morelia International Film Festival, Ariel awards, CutOut Fest, etc.

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