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Lepapel is originally from the state of Hidalgo, although he resides in the city of Monterrey, Mexico. He is passionate about illustration and art, and holds a Degree in Digital Art and Multimedia Business from CEDIM. As a professional he has worked in multiple areas of design and art: video producer, sculptor, illustrator, muralist and animator. He has been recognized with awards from A! Design Magazine and Premio Quorum; and his audiovisual work has been presented at some film and animation festivals like FIC MtyMx 2012, CutOut Fest 2016, LINOLEUM Festival Ukraine 2016 and MFFF México 2017.
Lepapel, his personal project of pop surreal art, allows him to experiment with the interconnection between literature, illustration and sculpture. Nef, as he is also known, has had four solo exhibitions and his work has been published in magazines such as Vocero, LeCool, IndieRocks !, Lagarto and OCA. Illustrator