Great things can be achieved through community work as opposed to “individual work only”.

BE RESPECTFUL – The COF community is a space to openly exchange who we are and what we are passionate about, always with the deepest respect for the diversity of opinions and beliefs. BE CONSTRUCTIVE – Whenever you make a comment or interact with others, think about what you are contributing to the conversation and the community, and not just your personal goals. NO SPAMMING – It is not allowed to sell any type of product or service other than digital works within the COF platform. Nor is it allowed to place links that redirect to pages with promotions, downloadable, malicious content, viruses, etc.. NO TROLLING – You look bad and it only helps to inflate your ego. We do not accept this type of behavior, as well as offensive or out of place messages.  DO NOT SPREAD DELICATE OR MALICIOUS CONTENT – It is not allowed to promote software piracy or any other type of illicit behavior, adult content, denigrating content, political parties, religious groups. Nor any content that may be offensive or discriminatory to any social group, racial, religious, or with particular sexual preferences.  STAY ON TOPIC – Each channel or communication space is intended for a specific purpose, related to a specific topic. Respect the channels without straying from the topic to facilitate the flow of communication among the community.  PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY – Do not share personal information about yourself or another person(s); do not post or share private conversations or correspondence between you and other members or between you and CutOut Fest.  PROTECT YOUR PASSWORDS – Do not share or publish private passwords or information related to your wallet for any reason. Keep your private Ethereum key offline, backed up on a physical device. No CutOut Fest member will ask you for private key information for any reason. In case you notice suspicious behavior or receive any messages with such requests please report it immediately to [email protected] SHARING THE WORK – We are in favor of sharing the work of COF members, as long as it does not infringe on copyrights. In case of spreading and/or sharing publications of pieces that are on the COF platform, we ask you to put the link to the place where the work is and give credit to the artist. This way everyone in the community benefits and supports each other.  In case an artist or community member asks you to stop sharing their artwork, please understand their position and respect their request. COMMUNITY SUPPORT – While you can ask questions about specific aspects of the community within this platform, it is not a space for customer service, for questions or clarifications of our products or services please write to [email protected] VIGILANCE – We all benefit from respecting these rules, if you notice any inappropriate behavior of another (s) member (s) or something that makes you feel unsafe, gives immediate notice to the email [email protected] COMMUNITY MEMBERS WHO BREAK OUR RULES WILL RECEIVE A FIRST WARNING. IF THE PROBLEM PERSISTS, WE WILL BE FORCED TO PERMANENTLY DELETE THE ACCOUNT.

Use firefox for a better experience

Use firefox for a better experience